Welltech1 collaborate with SZ Shvarts Zedkia Accounting and Financial Consulting which provides financial advisor & services for professional athletes.


Athletes who are interested to invest, can relate to Welltech1’s agenda and the wellness world.

Our athletes enjoy ongoing exposure and access to the latest wellness technology and creativity the Israeli innovation ecosystem is known to deliver.



We facilitate new growth opportunities for athletes by connecting the dots between your needs and passion, and wellness innovation ecosystems.

Welltech1 has a direct link to the most innovative wellness ecosystems and players. We bring together compelling startups, investors, corporations, venture-capital funds, and innovation industry leaders.



Our team of analysts, learns your innovation strategy and curates a list of startups and deal flow solutions to address your passion.

We organize private demo days throughout the year at our hub to facilitate impactful connections and strategic investments.

Welltech1 brings you the opportunity to connect directly with the most exclusive game-changing startups in the wellness field.