fitV personalizes the way people workout by providing real-time feedback using advanced machine vision and AI-based solutions with no equipment needed except for the trainee's smartphone. With unlimited access to premium workout content, fitV brings a unique interactive workout experience available anyplace and anytime.

Simplifying and digitizing nutrients consumption.

Fitto is developing the "Nespresso" of nutritional supplements with trackable capsules, an interactive cloud-connected bottle, and an app that connects to wearables and health services. The platform allows first of its kind user engagement with supplement brands, dietitians, and digital health products.

For consumers, Fitto is a hyper-personalized service, providing the easiest, most convenient and time-efficient way to get all the nutrients they need to support their lives and goals.

Develops a web-based neuro-wellness application, providing cognitive training for older adults. The product, an accessible AI-based tool, provides memory-focused cognitive training and focuses on normal age-related cognitive decline. This is done by enhancing training efficacy within each training session and supporting ongoing use of the application.

Using artificial intelligence, the tasks in the training session are personalized, and the training is continuous and function focused. To support ongoing use, videos and games teaching memory techniques (remembering faces, names, and lists) have been incorporated into the application. To increase the relevancy of the training, the interface is designed to be accessible specifically to this age group and support is provided in the platform.

Their goal is to automate personalized drug repurposing for rare genetic-based diseases in a combination of computational and experimental biology for the purpose of improving patients life quality.

Glacier innovation focuses on low glycemic index and low calorie formulas. There is no added sugar – low GI, no artificial sweeteners, superior taste and texture and clean label. Currently, their focus is on ice cream. The ice cream has no added sugar, is healthier and consists of added nutrition value and does not compromise the taste.

Livewell is a membership based health and wellness center, designed for urban professionals, in the heart of Tel Aviv. At Livewell, care is personalized to meet the health goals of every individual. It will have Medical offices, Aesthetics & Beauty services, an Integrative Medicine practice including Acupuncture and Massage, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, a Mind-Body Fitness studio, Nutrition & Wellness Counseling, a Juice Bar, Lounge, and Special Events space to host health related speakers and industry thought leaders. It will be the ultimate destination for people who want to look good, feel good, and stay healthy. Opening soon, Fall of 2019.

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