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Sency personalizes the way people workout by providing real-time feedback using advanced machine vision and AI-based solutions with no equipment needed except for the trainee's smartphone. With unlimited access to premium workout content, Sency brings a unique interactive workout experience available anyplace and anytime


Simplifying and digitizing nutrients consumption.

Fitto is developing the "Nespresso" of nutritional supplements with trackable capsules, an interactive cloud-connected bottle, and an app that connects to wearables and health services. The platform allows first of its kind user engagement with supplement brands, dietitians, and digital health products.

For consumers, Fitto is a hyper-personalized service, providing the easiest, most convenient and time-efficient way to get all the nutrients they need to support their lives and goals.

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CalmiGo offers the first drug free solution device providing immediate relief of anxiety, anxiety attacks or stress by regulating the users’ breathing pattern and stimulating their senses. The device is patent pending and contains three proven anxiety methods, including: exhalation Prolongation - learning mechanism that adapts to user’s performances in real-time, relaxing scent; a unique technique that enables embedding of aromatherapy oils into solid elements; and sensory stimulation grounding that shifts the focus from anxiety to calm.

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MakeSense develops an artificial intelligence-based technology to accurately and conveniently measure the nutritional value of every meal consumed by the user, using available non-intrusive physiological sensors without the need for manual meal-logging in a food diary. MakeSense will deliver to the consumer, as well as to their physician and dietitian, accurate and objective measures of the amounts of calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats, consumed, per every meal. 

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Newt develops a software utilizing AI, clinical and behavioral research to allow amateur athletes to create personalized, sustainable and scientifically proven eating habits that cater to their needs, improve sports performance, reduce injuries and enhance day-to-day energy levels and general health.

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VUZE Medical is developing the world’s first software-only intra-operative guidance for skeletal surgery, with a current focus on spine. VUZE targets the ongoing migration to ambulatory settings, aimed at lowering healthcare costs and increasing patient comfort. In addition, VUZE addresses populous cost-conscious economies with rapid growth in surgical volumes.

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Amai Proteins fixes our food system one protein at a time with the first product being the first healthy sugar substitute. Sugar overconsumption is the world's leading cause of non-communicable diseases (e.g. metabolic syndrome and diabetes) and decreased wellness. Moreover, it is a cause of social inequality, hunger, and pollution of land, sea and air. Amai (means 'sweet' in Japanese) applies Agile-Integrative Computational Protein Design (AI-CPD) to fit sweet proteins that grow in fruits along the equatorial belt to the mass food market.

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X-trodes Ltd. is developing novel ultra-soft, dry electrode array system and machine learning (ML) driven algorithmic methodologies. The unique wearable, wireless technology is aimed for advanced measurements and analytics of biopotential signals. Its core technology is objective and automated with high-resolution and is optimized for clinical evaluation, treatment and improved performance & quality of life. X-trodes goal is to lead a revolution in health monitoring by assuring availability, high reliability and user comfort.