Welltech1 invests in and accelerates wellness startups with the ultimate goal of increasing viability, seeking additional investment and connecting to global partners immersed in the wellness market. Welltech1 provides startups with know-how, a dedicated professional team of wellness experts, business advisors, global partners, and a gateway to a $4.5 trillion wellness market worldwide.


Our global partners have the privilege of gaining access to game-changing wellness startups in Israel, also known as the startup nation. Israel is a forerunner of technological innovation in the world, home to some of the most groundbreaking technologies. The professional team of Welltech1 identifies startups after a rigorous selection process to ensure that only the best will be introduced to our global partners.


Or Lustig

CEO & Co-fonder

Partnering up with Welltech1 and joining their Tech-hub was one of the best decisions I took personally as a CEO.

Seatback is a startup that changes the realm of wellness in the workplace with a mission to help every team and company in the world achieve their health goals and be more active and dynamic at work!

Welltech1 adapted our mission and values completely, and are helping grow everyday toward success.


Welltech1 is a gateway to revolutionary wellness technology in the startup nation. We provide an innovation platform for our international partners in Israel and scout the most promising and groundbreaking technologies on their behalf. They enjoy a strict due diligence process from our professional team that includes accountants, financial advisors and business experts.

Our partners benefit from the vast amount of experience of the Welltech1 professional team in accompanying and advising startups throughout their growth. 


Welltech1 helps its partners stay at the forefront of wellness innovation.




The Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease is the first global commitment to eradicate preventable, chronic diseases. 

The Wellness Moonshot provides information and resources for individuals and companies to create cultures of wellness worldwide.


The initiative allows every individual to become a wellness leader. 

Whether you are a parent, sibling, workmate, partner or friend, you have an opportunity to make the difference within your community and beyond. 


Welltech1 joined the initiative and took on the mission to spread information, insights, and habits to the Israeli wellness technology ecosystem. 

In our vision, there is no silver bullet for diseases and a mixture of healthy habits, technology and research will lead to a superior quality of life.

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In the past few years wellness is an increasing trend and a way of life due to a longer life span, high health costs and self-awareness. Modern-day “wellness” refers to holistic healthy living characterized by physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being. The Wellness market is valued at $4.5 trillion and has grown by 12.8% in the past few years.

Personal Care, Beauty & Anti-Aging


Healthy Eating, Nutrition & Weight Loss $702b

Wellness Tourism


Fitness & Mind-Body  $595b 

Personalized Medicine & Public Health $575b

Traditional & Complementary Medicine


Wellness Real Estate $134b

Spa Economy $119b

Thermal/ Mineral Springs $56b

Workplace Wellness $48b

*Source: Global Wellness Institute



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